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Gokiburi Ginjika Omake – Chapter 01


Anthropomorphised characters seem to be our thing.

Chapter 1

The previous two Gokiburi Ginjika works we released in the past can be found here:,1


9 thoughts on “Gokiburi Ginjika Omake – Chapter 01

  1. Awesome, thank you.
    Are you planning on doing more of this?

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    As Derk asked, are you planning on picking up this series? It’d appear the group who had it before is no longer active and this series is painfully cute for a cockroach manga, and I REALLY hate cockroaches.

    • To answer both of you:

      I’m not sure if there is a volume 3 yet but we were the group that released both volume 1 & 2 (under a different name). So it is possible.

      There is another omake left to do. It will be released next week.

      • when you say volume, do you mean chapter or actual volumes.

        i don’t count volumes as being a book that is put out during comiket, that is 18 or so pages, than the next chapter is also 18 or so, and you call it volumes instead of chapters.

        i’m realy asking because bakamanga says 2 volumes, and the whats done says 2 chapters, i’m wondering if i need to go on a hunt.

        and as for you picking this up, go for it, its an awesome manga. well, so long as it doenst effect the ika release to much.

      • They are labelled as volumes by the author but yeah they aren’t proper volumes like the usual tankoubon.

        I’ve update the post with links to the two previous ‘volumes’.

  3. Nice to see more of this series. Thanks for this release! 😀

  4. A translation for 2 plastic model omakes, nice!! I was waiting for that!!
    Can you please share the raw of these chapters?

  5. Great work! Thanks for the release!

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